Sam Griffiths A Young Crooner From England

Sam Griffiths is a swing singer from the United Kingdom with a voice some have said sounds more like Sinatra than the man himself…if that’s possible, which it’s obviously not, but seriously, he sounds just like him!

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Sam has been singing for just 3 years with Frank Sinatra being his main musical influence. For a man who hasn’t been singing very long, his vocal tone and delivery are pretty impressive. Seen in the video above at 23 years old, he sings a wonderful rendition of “Fly Me To The Moon”. Sam says, “Nothing I enjoy more than getting to perform and sing for people.” Watch Frank, oh sorry Sam, singing in the video below.

His brilliant vocals have been capturing people’s attention on Facebook, with some commenters wondering if he is Frank Sinatra┬áreincarnated. Obviously, we can’t prove if he is or he isn’t, but he definitely sounds like he could be.

Sam has been recording videos of himself singing live over backing tracks and uploading them to his Facebook page. He has recorded quite a few videos some of which include collaborations/duets with other swing singers. All done online of course as the UK is still social distancing thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. Below is another brilliant video of Sam singing “The Lady Is A Tramp”.

The Music Man featured Sam on Facebook and his video took off! Receiving hundreds of comments and thousands of likes and shares. One commenter said, “Sam you’re going to be big man”.

We’re starting to notice a feeling that support for this English man is growing fast. Currently, he provides an exceptional representation of history’s most famous crooners and can be booked for any event through his Facebook page.

Subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow his Facebook page or Instagram account for more brilliant videos from this vocal sensation. You can also visit his official website for more information.

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