Salsa Dancing Kids Take Over Wedding With Advanced Routine

Salsa Dancing Kids Take Over Wedding With Advanced Routine


These two little salsa dancers are much more advanced than their appearance would have you think. This performance has become a legendary video on YouTube with many commenters saying they’ve watched it hundreds of times.

It’s not just the talent these two dancers showcase, it’s the advanced choreography that makes this video so special. Meet Ionela Țăruș and Mihai Ungurean two dancers from Moldova who set the internet alight when they were just 7 years old with their incredible dance moves.

The dancing duo began dancing together at a very young age but were left confused when their parents decided they couldn’t dance together anymore. The time came when the two stopped collaborating. Specifically, this was done at the request of the parents of the little dancers.

However, their partnership came to an end, prompted by their parents’ decision. Mihai Ungureanu shared in a “Bandstage” project episode that they didn’t understand the reason for the split, as it was their parents’ choice. Post-separation, they avoided each other, not out of hatred but due to the shock of the abrupt end of a long partnership.

Both entered the Ukrainian competition “Танцуют вси” independently, where Ionela hinted at a rivalry to determine the superior dancer. Ultimately, Mihai emerged victorious. Mihai speculated that their simultaneous participation in the show might have been planned, though he never confirmed this. The competition concluded with both realizing the value of their shared history and reigniting their communication.

Now, they have rekindled their friendship and stay in regular contact. Mihai Ungureanu pursues a career in dance and acting, while Ionela Țăruș has opened a dance school in Great Britain with her sister.

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