That Time Rumer Willis Brought The Thunder On The Masked Singer, Drawing Lady Gaga Comparisons

Rumer Willis truly brought the house down with her appearances on The Masked Singer, leading judges to guess that it might be Lady Gaga behind the mask. Willis, who is the eldest daughter of Hollywood royalty Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, brought a regal energy to her five appearances on the show, delivering big time with her voice and effortless command of the stage.

Willis performed anonymously and was billed as The Lion, sinking her teeth into the competition right from the beginning. On her debut, she sang “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie and had the audience and judges eating out of the palm of her hand. It takes a whole lot of sass to perform a Fergie song correctly, and Willis delivered the right energy in spades, winning the opening week.

The judges couldn’t get enough of Willis, with her spectacular stage show leading Ken Jeong to muse, “I think this is the most famous of all the contestants… It’s someone hella legit, it’s just got to be.” Nicole Scherzinger then suggested Lady Gaga as a possibility, no doubt impressed by her soaring vocals and headliner confidence.

Willis also showed a real knack for selecting songs that allowed her to showcase her best side, singing “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone in her second appearance and later in the series, “Diamond Heart” by Lady Gaga. The singer and actress was subsequently eliminated after her fifth performance when she attempted Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ’bout a Thing”.

Fans were loving Willis’s performances on the show, and a compilation of all her appearances was quite a hit on YouTube, gaining 10 million views. Fans added admiring comments below the video, such as “She can really sing but man that strut she had going on onstage was everything” and “The fact that she didn’t make at least the top three is criminal.”

After Willis revealed her identity on the show, the host asked her what made her want to do The Masked Singer. She said that “I knew how to dance and everyone kind of figured out that I can do that, but I wanted everyone to know that I could sing too.” The judges couldn’t believe it was Willis, noting that they were way off with their late-season guess of Kelly Rowland, but the comparison alone is quite a compliment.

Catch more of Rumer Willis’ performances and content on her Instagram where she never fails to mesmerize her audience with her vocal prowess and charisma. Watch this Hollywood royalty as she continues to excel in her craft.

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