Pink’s Live Vocals On Her Emotional Hit “Try” Are Untouchable

Pink really knows how to deliver the goods live, which she showed beyond any doubt during her performance of her hit “Try” in Los Angeles. The popstar delivered the ballad with an emotional weight that hits you in the chest, and really let her pipes soar on the big chorus. The lyrics of the song address taking risks in love and life, and through the quiet-loud dynamics of the song, Pink tells the story of the lyrics perfectly.

At the time of the performance, “Try” was a brand new song for Pink, and she introduced it by saying, “I think it’s gonna be my next single.” In addition to the powerful vocals on display from Pink and her backup singers, the band laid down a hypnotic groove that hit the spot perfectly. The video was warmly received by Pink fans, who tuned in 288 million times, making it the most popular live performance on her YouTube channel by a huge margin.

Fans had plenty of praise for the performance, adding comments such as “Not many artists can perform live on the same quality as they do in the studio. But of course Pink can because she freaking rocks!” and “She has an amazing voice, as do her backup singers. I also love the emotion shown by those backups – they’re great.”

It’s not often that the backup singers steal the show, but in this case, the two ladies on backup vocals made a big impression on fans, as several of the top comments mentioned how much they loved their voices. The two soul sisters delivered big time in the chorus, and there were even a few moments in the arrangement where they got to shine as the main event when Pink’s part dropped out. Another popular live performance from the same show is “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, which you can hear below.

Both songs are from Pink’s showcase, The Truth About Love – Live From Los Angeles. This showcase featured a number of songs from her then-forthcoming sixth studio album, The Truth About Love. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” and “Try” were the first and second singles from the album respectively. Both songs hit the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold in excess of two million copies in the US.

If you love Pink’s phenomenal energy and powerful voice, be sure to follow her on her social media channels. You can keep up with all her latest music releases and performances on her official [Facebook]( page and get a glimpse into her personal life through her [Instagram]( This popstar truly knows how to put on a spectacular live show, never failing to captivate and impress her audience. Don’t miss out on any of Pink’s stunning performances – join her legion of fans today.

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