Roman Skye Sings In 100 Different Voices

If you love music and you’re looking for something amazing to watch, check out Roman Skye. Roman has a music channel on YouTube where he sings, imitating a range of different performers as well as performing his own songs, starter guitar reviews, and in one fantastic video making 100 sounds from Mimecast.

Although he has been posting to his YouTube channel since 2014, not much is known about Rowan beyond the fact that he was born in Seattle. However, he also states in his About Me section that, “My mother always said that I was a musical weirdo, so I am here to prove her right :)” A pretty intriguing message and a nod as to what you’ll find on his channel.

The most popular video Rowan has posted to date is his one guy 100 voices performance. In it, he sings snippets from the songs of 100 different artists, attempting to sound as like them a possible. Of course, even being able to do 100 impressions is already impressive, but what makes this video magical is that he picks music from multiple genres and included impressions of both male and female performers.

The true diversity and range of performers chosen are what elevates this video above similar performances. I think you’ll agree that music doesn’t get much more different than pop sensation Doja Cat and opera legend Andrea Boccelli, yet both are performed flawlessly in this video. Rowan also proceeds to showcase Dua Lipa, Nickelback, the BeeGees, Lil Wayne, Billie Eilish and The Weekend. It all combines to make the ultimate mixtape.

At the start of the video, Rowan admits that not all of his impressions are perfect and that he’s tried to spread the best ones even throughout. However, even if he doesn’t get every single one 100% perfect, the fact that he manages to get some spot on and the rest at least 90% of the way there is still an amazing feat.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out and prepare to be amazed at how different Rowan’s voice can be from one minute to the next. If you love music, it’s something you have to hear to believe. Enjoy!

If you want to see more from this talented artist subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on TikTok.

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