This Baby’s Reaction To Elmo Singing Will Melt Your Heart

This video is another beautiful example of how special music can make humans feel. This little Elmo fan is called Ellie May. Her father videoed her emotion-packed reaction to the classic kid’s TV show “Elmo” and dared people not to smile while they were watching. Take a look at the video below.

The video has racked up an impressive 8 million views since it was uploaded in November 2017. Now known as “Elmo Girl”, this is the caption her father, Joe Hisel, wrote with the very popular video:

“The feeling going through my soul matched the look on her face. I never thought life could feel so full. Oh how dull it is!! My little Ellie May goes bananas for Elmo. Thank you all for watching. You guys help take care of us. We don’t take you for granted. God bless you all.”

Just like with Ellie, the video has stirred up quite a lot of emotion in the watchers leading to some very emotional comments. It just shows how happiness can spread like wildfire:

Commenter 1: “I shared this w my 92 yr old Mom (who has dementia) and she smiled & laughed & smiled & laughed &smiled & laughed.”

Commenter 2: “I’m an old disabled combat wounded sailor that needed something to brighten my day. Much love to you my young darling. What a gift!”

If you want to see more recent videos of the little Elmo fan, head over to her father’s YouTube channel and subscribe for more great content.

Here is another emotional music loving baby. When this opera-singing mother performed to her young boy you could really see how music can be felt by young children, even before they can talk. George loves heavy metal but becomes super emotional when his mother starts singing opera. It really is a fascinating video showcasing the purest of emotions that can be brought on through the sound of music.

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