The Rogers Family Brilliant Synchronised Sibling Pianists

The Rogers Family Musical Siblings

Rogers Family is a family band made of seven siblings from the USA. Consisting of twins, triplets, and two singles, they make awesome cover songs of well-known pop music using one piano! Recently producing some very interesting and technically brilliant videos where all seven siblings play the same Piano in ways you probably didn’t even know a Piano could be played!

Each video they produce has to be tightly choreographed. The effort and time put into practice and organising each performance is evident when you watch the final product.

About The Rogers Family

Born between 1994 and 2001, the band perform under the name “RogersFamily”. This could be the result of having seven siblings with only one Piano to play? Instead of fighting over who gets to play, they joined up! Promoting a strong family bond as well as incredible natural talent, the seven have mastered a unique skill that is being adored by many around the world. Gaining millions of views on their YouTube channel and growing a very active fan base.

Their performances have a “polish” which is exceptional when you consider the difficulty of what they’re doing. In the video below, the family have added a second Piano to their setup. This gives them a bigger sound, but also more to do!

Not just brilliant musicians, five of the siblings have undergraduate degrees. Three from UGA, two from Georgia Tech and one from FSU.

Using the Piano in creative ways they produce harmonics, percussion, plucking, and muting. When all these individual aspects are combined they create a “full band sound”, created with only one Piano. The siblings are constantly searching for new sounds they can create with a Piano to add to their growing repertoire of fantastic videos. The family love their craft and keep on improving day by day.

Below are the Family members individual names and Instagram handles if you wish to follow them:

Aidan Rogers: @_aidanrog
Brydan Rogers: @brydanr
Corin Rogers: @corinrogers
Devon Rogers:
Ivy Catherine Rogers: @_icrogers_
Keenan Rogers: @keenan_rogers
Leith Rogers: @leithrogers

Aidan Rogers, Brydan Rogers, and Corin Rogers are the triplets in the family/band. Keenan Rogers and Devon Rogers are twins. This leaves Leith Rogers and Ivy Catherine Rogers, Ivy being the youngest.

Their incredible videos make you like songs you wouldn’t normally listen to and love songs you already like. Although they don’t currently write their own material, the family adds a unique take on every song they cover. It’s like listening to a new version.

Check them out on YouTube: YouTube Channel.

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