Mat And Savanna Shaw The Inspirational Father And Daughter Singing Duo

We’ve seen many musicians go viral over the last 12 months, however, this video was the start of a music career for father and daughter singing duo Matt and Savanna Shaw. They decided to sing “The Prayer” as a way of keeping in touch with their family and friends but ended up touching the hearts of millions.

After the success of their ‘The Prayer’ cover, the duo quickly released more music videos of themselves singing. This eventually resulted in widespread attention for their music as they gained fans across the world! The duo has made high-profile TV show appearances and continue to grow their musical career. People of all ages love the duo’s personality and singing talents. Below is the article The Music Man wrote back in March 2020 and a few more videos of the talented family duo.

About Mat And Savanna Shaw

Mat Shaw (Father) and Savanna Shaw (Daughter) started recording music videos of themselves singing and harmonising as a way to entertain their family, friends, and of course, themselves. When they recorded “The Prayer” in their kitchen towards the end of February, they had no idea they were creating a four-minute video that would go viral.

Savanna Shaw is a singer in a choir but has recently had practise canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. During her and her family’s isolation, the 15-year-old and her Father (Mat) decided to showcase their musical passion and record a video of themselves performing and upload it to YouTube. Savanna didn’t even have any social media accounts before uploading this video, she joined so she could keep in touch with her friends during the pandemic. The video below is a cover of the well-known song “True Colours” and it has received nearly 300,000 views in 10 days!

“The Prayer”, which is the first video the Utah based family duo ever uploaded, has amassed over 2 million views on YouTube and 4.5 million views on Facebook. In light of all the success their video has had on social media, news companies and music aggregators across the world are now reporting on the beautiful vocals of this father-daughter duo.

Savanna said, “I’ve looked up to my dad and his singing and what he can do with it, for my whole life. So, it’s been amazing to be able to sing with him.” – Source: The Daily Signal.

The duo have been recording more videos together, showcasing their passionate vocals and natural talent during quarantine. After the success of their first video, the new uploads are going out to hundreds of thousands of new fans across the world.

Mat was also very happy to be able to use this time to connect with his daughter and create these beautiful videos. Mat said, “If there has been a silver lining in this coronavirus situation for us, it’s that we do get to spend a whole lot more time together. I have heard that the only thing more contagious than a virus is hope, and so we are just trying to do our small little part in the world to spread a little bit of hope.”

Their message is simple and hopefully, like Mat said, “contagious”. They want to spread hope during these tough economic and social times through their music. The image of a father and daughter singing and creating music together certainly has captured the hearts of a nation, and maybe the world, during these unique times. Everyone at The Music Man supports their message and has been thoroughly entertained by their videos. Hopefully, they will inspire others and breed hope across the world at a time where we all need it most.

See more from the Family Duo on Youtube.

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