When Rod Stewart Surprised Everyone With A Live Performance At Couple’s Wedding

Rod Stewart is no stranger to a surprise performance. The global music icon has made appearances at weddings and on the streets, performing in central London.

Andrew Aitchison and his fiancĂ©e Sharon Cook from Liverpool, UK thought that their plan of getting married in Las Vegas had gone totally pear-shaped when they heard the dreadful news that the travel company they’d booked with, Thomas Cook, had gone into liquidation. However, fortunately for them, things started to turn around big time after Delta Airlines & Caesars Palace offered to help them replan their dream wedding. Events then went from total disappointment to sheer elation.

They had literally just been pronounced man and wife when superstar Sir Rod Stewart with his microphone in hand turned up and wished the totally astonished couple all the luck in the world before starting to sing ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You’!

One can imagine their total disappointment upon hearing the news of Thomas Cook’s demise! But Caesars Palace and Delta Airlines certainly came to the rescue by not only flying out the couple but also their family and friends. Sir Rod said ‘he couldn’t imagine how they must have felt’!

Andrew said that they were both still in shock and that Rod is a legend and Sharon said Sir Rod was a wonderful man and made her feel special! Well, what started out to be a disaster certainly ended well and with Sir Rod Stewart turning up was the icing on their wedding cake!

Well done to Andrew and Sharon. Also, a big well done to Caesars Palace, Delta airlines, and the great Sir Rod Stewart. We wish the newlyweds a long and happy life together!

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