Cow Cuddles Up To Musician When She Starts Playing Her Rendition Of Hallelujah

Santuario Amorque Salva is a brilliant Animal Sanctuary based in Brazil that use social media to share pictures and videos of the beautiful animals they look after.

A video of a cow laying down and relaxing whilst listening to an acoustic version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah has recently caught the attention of people across the world.

Animals do have an affinity with music, especially cows. A Turkish farmer found that his cows produce up to 5% more milk when they have been listing to classical music. We couldn’t find any studies to back this up, but like in the video above, it seems they do have a love for music. However, in the 1930’s the American’s experimented to see if cows produced more milk when serenaded, and back in the 80s, Welsh farmers claimed that cows appeared to be more productive when songs by national music hero Tom Jones were played. It was around this time a newspaper headline had the title, “It’s not un-MOO-sual” as people generally couldn’t help but laugh and all these claims.

Take a look at this video below. The man, known as Farmer Derek, starts playing some music with an empty horizon, before you know it the cows come running from the other side of the field. Maybe they thought he had food for them? Or maybe they love the sound of that sweet trombone, I’ll let you make your own minds up!

Santuario Amorque Salva started in March 2020. It all began with three pigs, and don’t worry, it doesn’t end with a wolf blowing anyone’s house down. The three pigs had been abused throughout their lifetime and were sent to be slaughtered. The sanctuary rescued them by providing the abused pigs a place to live allowing them to avoid being slaughtered.

Santuario Amorque Salva is a strong believer in rescuing all animals. The family had previously rescued dogs and cats, but living in an urban area they didn’t have enough space to take larger animals.

After moving to a more rural area, they were unable to ignore the victims of the dairy, egg, and meat industry and began their sanctuary to provide love to their fellow animals. The beautiful pictures they take of their animals have amassed over 28K followers on Instagram alone.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with videos and pictures from this brilliant animal sanctuary, follow their Instagram account or visit their website.

Also check out Farmer Dereks YouTube channel for more great videos!

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