Resa Van Den Berghe Sings A Hauntingly Beautiful Rendition Of Nothing Else Matters

If you’re a Metallica fan, you need to watch 12-year-old Resa Van den Berghe sing Nothing Else matters. Resa appeared on the second season of the Belgian version of The Voice Kids. Her performance made a huge impact on the judges and all of them turned their chairs to welcome her into the competition.

Ultimately she joined Belgian singer Natalia Druyts’ team but was eliminated in the semi finals. If you close your eyes as she sings it seems impossible that a twelve year old girl still in braces can sing in such a controlled and powerful way. You’d guess it was someone at least twice her age.

Resa also has a huskiness that suits the song perfectly. It’s no wonder the audience and the judges were so impressed. Some comments across the internet criticise Resa’s choice as she is too young to understand the deeper meaning of the lyrics she is singing. The song covers themes of love, loss and heartbreak and initially stemmed from a phone call Metallica lead singer James Hetfield had with his girlfriend.

Although the relationship was short-lived, the band stuck with the song and dedicated it to their fans. It’s true that as she was only 12 it’s unlikely Resa had been in love or suffered any kind of heartbreak. However, one of the most wonderful things about music is that you can bring parts of yourself to a song and make it your own. Resa certainly did this in her appearance on The Voice.

Even though she is clearly a young girl, there is a maturity in her eyes that suggests she may understand more than you think. Regardless, it is a wonderful performance and it’s no wonder her family were beaming with joy and pride in their little girl.

Unfortunately, possibly because she is still so young, very little is known about this very talented young lady. She started her YouTube channel in 2016 and is slowly gathering followers. As this video spreads however she is sure to win over a lot of people. To date, she has only uploaded her Voice audition video but as she must still be at school she is possibly waiting to get her studies out of the way before she commits to her singing.

It would be a real shame for the world if she does not choose to continue as she has a beautiful voice and it’s clear from the video that she loves performing. Her audition video has been viewed 7.5 million times and received 43,000 likes. Later in the competition she performed Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding, this has also been well received and been watched 1.5 million times.

If Resa chooses to pursue a career in music her talent suggests she should be a big success. Unfortunately, Resa doesn’t seem to have any active social media accounts that we can link you to. However, you can listen to her version of “Nothing Else Matters” on Spotify.

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