Rebecca Ferguson’s MAJESTIC “Never Enough” Lip-Sync On The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman’s official soundtrack came ribboned with instant classics, winning the #1 spot on the album charts of seven countries sprawling from the US to Japan. But one of the film’s most exceptional moments — Rebecca Ferguson’s captivating performance of Loren Allred’s “Never Enough” — stole the show for some, running dense with ethereal beauty, exceptional talent, and even hiding a plot twist behind the song!

Rebecca Ferguson was crowned The Greatest Showman as a lead actress, portraying the character Jenny Lind — a role based on the real-life Swedish-English opera singer, Johanna Maria Lind, who made waves in mid 19th century Europe. Rebecca Ferguson, also of Swedish-English descent, proved to be an exceptional match for the role, embodying the song, “Never Enough,” as if it were her own, supplying Hollywood with one of the most magical moments in recent film history.

Here’s the plot twist: “Never Enough” was actually sung by Pittsburgh-born singer Loren Allred, not Rebecca Ferguson, who lip-synced to Loren’s voice on screen. “Never Enough” earned Loren her first platinum single, but thanks to Rebecca’s mesmerizing film performance, it failed to usher Loren’s name into the spotlight.

Loren even took her song to the stages of Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent in a bid to win the shows. However, Rebecca Ferguson’s unforgettable on-screen lip-sync remains so convincing that countless movie buffs are still led to believe Rebecca is the song’s original singer! Music doesn’t even feature on Rebecca’s extensive list of creative talents, despite her dabbling in modeling, dancing and even retail work since her teenage years.

Aged 34 at the time of her career-defining feat on The Greatest Showman, Rebecca Ferguson’s break came in the mid-2010s, starring in films such as “Hercules,” “The Girl on the Train,” “Silo,” “Doctor Sleep,” the “Mission: Impossible” series, “Men In Black: International” and, most recently, the hit sci-fi film series “Dune” and “Dune: Part Two.” Before becoming a modern Hollywood legend, Rebecca starred in a number of soap operas and Swedish films, including the 2004 slasher “Strandvaskaren” (“Drowning Ghost”). Having picked up 10 film awards and received 22 additional nominations along the way, Rebecca’s rise to stardom was as organic as it could get, despite accidentally stealing the limelight from Loren Allred.

Rebecca’s legacy is fortified with over 29 million YouTube views on her “Never Enough” clip, and over 404M across its re-uploads. With more than 1.1M Instagram followers, Rebecca has garnered respect for being one of the only women on the set of 2015’s “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation” and for her outspoken role in the #MeToo movement.

Listen to the captivating performance of Loren Allred’s “Never Enough” by the talented Rebecca Ferguson. Her exceptional portrayal of the character Jenny Lind in The Greatest Showman stole the show for many, proving to be one of the most magical moments in recent film history. Although the song was actually sung by Pittsburgh-born singer Loren Allred, Rebecca’s mesmerising lip-syncing performance added a unique layer of depth and beauty to the song that resonated with audiences worldwide. See more from Rebecca on her official Instagram.

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