Kye Sones’ Voice Is Smooth As Silk On Unique Swedish House Mafia & Rita Ora Mashup Audition

Kye Sones gave a one-of-a-kind audition on The X Factor UK when he seamlessly mashed up Swedish House Mafia’s “Save The World” and Rita Ora’s “R.I.P.” Making the brilliant performance particularly special was that Ora herself was on the judging panel, and she looked shocked, then delighted when she realized he was changing gears from “Save The World” to “R.I.P.”.

The transition was flawless, as a solo piano part glued the two songs together. The 29-year-old singer from London showed off a voice as smooth as silk that put a big smile on the faces of the ladies in the room, who cheered for the talented lad at several points. Sones has a buttery R&B voice and has such incredible control over his voice. He really put everything into the performance, which viewers at home appreciated as they tuned in 16.5 million times.

Sones is a chimney sweep (yes, they do exist outside of Dickens novels) and he told the judges he wants to bring his songs and music to the world. He definitely was well on his way to getting his big break with his inventive audition, and judge Gary Barlow instantly dialed into that, saying “I think the greatest thing with you is that we’ve not only found a great singer – we’ve also found an artist.”

Barlow continued, saying, “this is someone who knows exactly how they should sound, what they should be singing. This is extremely exciting.” Louis Walsh questioned why Sones was cleaning chimneys with a voice like that, to which the Londoner quipped, “I’m pretty good at it.” The praise just kept on coming for Sones, with Tulisa saying, “I could listen to you sing all day long. That is the kind of voice that could sell albums.” Later in the series, he sang Adele’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

As the judges picked up on, it was a real sign of Sones’ potential as an artist to rearrange the two songs and present them in his own way. Both “Save The World” and “R.I.P.” are hard-hitting EDM songs, so revamping them as a piano ballad, as well as mashing them up in a natural way, was quite a feat.

If you’re intrigued by the vocal talents of Kye Sones after his unforgettable audition on The X Factor UK, you can follow his musical journey on various social platforms. Connect with him on [Facebook]( and witness his day-to-day experiences on [Instagram]( Sones’ charisma and remarkable musical abilities are sure to keep you entertained.

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