Pirates Of The Caribbean Played On A Foot Piano Is Musical Gymnastics

Musician’s Play The Foot Piano


The Pianoforte Gigante is a group specialising in the use of a giant piano to play awesome tunes through the medium of dance. Just when you didn’t think you could possibly fit in any more talented pianists into our rankings, we come back at you with another surprise.

The group featured in a video on YouTube in 2019 showing them undertaking a truly impressive performance and rendition of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The show starts with two performers hopping gracefully around the oversized piano-style matt.

The show starts with the iconic build-up of the song, the two dancers elegantly hitting every single note they want. There is not a dropped note throughout the section, and you can clearly tell that they know exactly what they are doing.

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The performance picks up and the dynamic of the group changes with it, another two of the party join the original two dancers to form a quartet of ducking and diving gigantic piano players.

The piece is quite a complicated one to master and it has clearly been shown by this extraordinary performance group that you can mix the skills of music and dance together to get a show stopping performance.

Not only does it show this, but it also shows the versatility in which we can utilise these oversized pianos, it’s impressive how the group have managed to choreograph the dance moves to coincide with the music of the piece, all whilst managing to not miss a beat.

To see more of Pianoforte Gigante you can follow them on Instagram.

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