Dancing Drummers Take Over The Streets With A Powerful Beat

This is the thunderous sound of the mass drumming group called AAINJAA. Based on Colombia, the group have been videoed taking over many different streets with their booming beats and colourful displays. In the video below, the drummers are showcasing their musical talents on a closed highway, the video was captioned “WE CONTINUE FULL OF STRENGTH TO PLAY FOR A BETTER COUNTRY”.

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AAINJAA are a drumming group from Bogotá, Colombia. The band’s name roughly translates into English as “to do, to elaborate, to manufacture, and to build.” These brilliant young people bring talent, fun, and engagement to the streets that they play, gathering large crowds of people watching and listening to every beat!

The group have been seen playing in the streets in mass gatherings. In one of their most popular videos, there were over 150 drummers playing in complete synchronization as passers-by could feel the vibrations of their powerful drumming percussion. You can watch this performance and learn more about AAINJAA by clicking here or in the video below.

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