P!nk Invites 12-Year-Old Fan To Sing In Her Show

Any budding singer has dreams of singing onstage with their musical idol, but for most, a dream is all it is. However, Victoria Anthony, a huge fan of P!nk, got her wish simply by asking for it. When Victoria learned that P!nk would be playing a concert in her hometown, Vancouver, she sprung into action.

She began a campaign on Twitter, asking P!nk if she could join her onstage and sing at Rogers Arena. Her message got straight to the point but was obviously filled with hope. It read: “Hey @Pink , please let me sing on stage with you in #Vancouver May 12. I’ll be ready! – Victoria (age 12). Share this video and tag #vicandpink to make my dream come true.”

That’s a pretty mature tweet for a twelve-year-old, including a call to action, the mark of a successful online campaign. Regardless of how well-written the tweet was, Victoria also needed a sprinkling of luck. Happily, luck arrived when her hashtag went viral and arrived on Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan feed.

She decided to go to bat for Victoria and tweeted P!nk herself. She wrote, “Hey @Pink, you have to check out 12yr old @vicanthonymusic. She really wants to sing with you on May 12th in #Vancouver. Make her #dreamcometrue. #VicAndPink #BeautifulTraumaWorldTour”

In spite of all this attention, the day of the concert arrived with no word from the singer. Victoria went to the concert, looking forward to seeing her idol but not expecting anything more. Then, halfway through, P!nk spoke directly to her. She asked, “Are you who I read about on the news? Are you the singer? Do you want to come sing something?”

True to her tweet, Victoria was ready and headed to the front. She sang the hit Perfect and both the crowd and P!nk were blown away by her performance. Her voice was far older and more refined than her age would suggest. She sounded absolutely incredible. In fact, she was so good that when she finished P!nk quipped that she wasn’t going to sing that song in the concert as she didn’t want to have to follow Victoria. You have to watch this video and prepare to be impressed.

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