Perpetuum Jazzile A Capella Choir Creating A Full Orchestral Sound With Vocals

Who Are Perpetuum Jazzile?

Perpetuum Jazzile is an innovative music group hailing from Slovenia. The group is made up of forty-one performers, twenty-four women and seventeen men who perform some truly fantastic a capella covers of well-known songs.

Their performance of “Africa” starts off with the 41 performers setting the scene making shaker noises with their hands. The video has an introduction period that is well worth the wait as they explode into the hit song from Toto.

The group was formed in 1983 by Marko Tiran who created what was to become a truly wonderful collaboration of talented singers and performers. The group took to YouTube in 2009 and released a video of them performing the Toto epic “Africa” which hit over 20 million views.

Perpetuum’s Africa Performance

The video in question features the ensemble, lined up in choir lines, the performers start rubbing their hands together, gradually building the unusual introductory section until they burst out into song. The band is in perfect sync, their harmonising is impeccable, giving the crowd a truly amazing rendition of the song. No instrument is required with this band as their in-choir beatboxer starts his performance, giving way for the group to exercise their well-practiced and honed vocal talents.

The song saw so much success that the original co-writer of the song, David Paich complimented the talented group on their success, giving credit where credit was due. It didn’t stop there for Perpetuum Jazzile, their cover eventually reached Toto, who loved their cover version of the song so much that they invited the a capella group to perform with them in a joint concert in Udine, Italy.

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Later in 2011 emboldened by their success and in high demand, the choir set off in earnest on a world tour which saw them visit Croatia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada and the US. In every country they visited they performed sold-out shows, the crowds loving their energetic and authentic performances.

Success seemed to follow the group through the years, as they went on to perform in collaboration with groups from all over the world circuit. Some of these include Vocalica, The Real Group and The Real Six Pack.

In 2008 Perpetuum Jazzile was awarded the prestigious Vokal Total award at the international choir and a capella festival, the Viktor Award, as well as a stream of other awards for their inspired performances over the years. Perpetuum Jazzile is a true representation of what the human voice can do once it’s put as part of a collective ensemble, showcasing time after time their incredible talents, most certainly a group watch.

If you want to see more from this brilliant choir, subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.

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