Orangutan’s Reaction To Magic Trick Is Guaranteed To Make Your Day

There is an argument that orangutans might be the closest living relative to humans, even closer than Chimps. The way they resemble human beings looks wise is obvious, however, this video shows you how close their minds are to ours too.

In 2015 at Barcelona Zoo a wonderful moment was caught on camera. An orangutan was treated to a private magic trick from a man called Dan Zaleski. After the trick was complete, the now stunned orangutan bursts into laughter after noticing his mind had been tricked by the man from Meriden, Connecticut! Watch the video below.

Dan Zaleski uploaded the video to YouTube in December 2015 and since then the video has been going viral on multiple different social media channels as people are stunned by this beautiful reaction.

An article published in LiveScience said that research in 2009 revealed that primates including bonobos, gorillas chimpanzees, and orangutans can make laughter-like sounds after being tickled, or while wrestling and play-chasing with each other.

The video has now received nearly 170 million views on Youtube and many more millions on other social media platforms.

It is clearly a beautiful moment between man and nature and one that quite obviously shows the intelligence of these beautiful animals.

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