Opal Ocean Brilliant Musicians From Australia

Australia Based Buskers Opal Ocean Create Awesome Street Music

Two absolutely brilliant guitarists make up the band called “Opal Ocean”. The band members consist of Alex Champ from Caledonia, French territory, South Pacific and Nadav Tabak from New Zealand.

They formed Opal Ocean in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. Before hand, they busked there regularly drawing huge crowds every time they performed, so the natural next step was to form a band. They write original music and have developed into a really closely-knit team. As their videos hit millions of views, they are starting to realise their dream – to perform their brilliant vibrant music all over the World.

They have managed to create their own ‘sound’ by merging Flamenco and Rock styles. They were very much inspired by the brilliant ‘Rodrigo Y Gabriela’ from Mexico. These two genres merge into an impressive upbeat rhythmic genre of it’s own, perfect for street entertainment, perfect to get tourists dancing!

Their talents allowed the duo to start earning money busking on the streets of Melbourne whilst getting their name out there. They use music technology to increase their fullness of sound. A loop pedal to add extra backing to their performances and a guitar effects pedal to change up their guitar sounds and add effects – however, everything you hear is being played by the talented duo.

They believe that without busking they would not be the brilliant team they are undoubtedly are today with many of the videos passers-by uploaded to the internet went viral. They wrote and played a great piece called “Jam” which was a real success going viral with well over thirty million views. Their viral success has been a major catapult for the duo.

In the video below the duo play their viral hit “Jam” on Bourke St, Melbourne, Australia. This video was taken just before they set off on a European tour back in 2018.

They have since released another superb piece of work ‘Mexicana’. The success of this has taken Opal Ocean from the streets to playing on the World stage. They’ve appeared at many international festivals including the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in 2018.

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