Ex Unemployed Baker Sings “You Raise Me Up” On The Streets Of Holland

Martin Hurkens is a brilliant opera singer from Holland. Back in 2010, Martin entered the Dutch TV program, “Holland’s Got Talent”. His daughter thought he had a good chance to win, she believed in him and signed him up, despite his hesitations.

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After deliberation, he decided to participate in what he describes now as a “great program”. Martin, at the time, was an unemployed baker who unknowingly had just embarked on a life-changing journey.

Martin’s Journey


His journey was set to be quite impressive and see him make it all the way to the final. The final was between Martin and Elastic Double, an incredible dance duo. Martin, only having low expectations for himself at the start of the show, was perplexed when his name came out as the winner!

Watching his videos you can see why he made it all the way. His vocal quality and delivery is exceptional. After the show he has been inundated with requests to perform at a variety of venues and events. Below, we have a video of Martin performing in the center of Maastricht, a city in The Netherlands.

In the video, he performs “You Raise Me Up” which became a massive hit throughout social media. The viral video opened more doors for Martin as he travelled to China, Taiwan, and Japan to showcase his wonderful talents. Below is Martin Hurkens singing “Ave Maria”, another video that has had massive success on social media and YouTube.

Learn More And Follow Martin On Facebook


The wonderful singer has taken his talent across the globe and continues to record successful videos which are watched around the world. A brilliant talent which The Music Man would love to see more of in the future. Check him out on Facebook: Martin Hurkens

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