Amazingly Talented Eight Year Old Busker, Olly, Wows Chester

Buskers seem to get younger by the day, but a young man named Olly may be the youngest busker in the UK. Videos posted to his YouTube channel, named Guitar Olly, show him busking on the streets of Chester, England, at just eight years old.

While many musicians begin playing when they are very young, few would have the confidence to actually perform on a busy street. According to Olly’s channel, his grandad started teaching him the guitar when he was six years old. He progressed quickly and started playing for his neighbours during lockdown to keep their spirits up.

He quickly became passionate about the guitar and wants to become a professional. His busking is a way of developing his skills and getting used to performing in front of a crowd. His YouTube channel, set up with the help of his parents, is designed to share his love of the guitar and his journey to expert level.

Considering he is only nine he has a guitar collection that many would be envious of. It includes a Gio Ibanez black electric superstrat, a Vintage Les Paul Sunburst, a Jose Ferrer acoustic and eight others plus a ukulele and Stagg drum kit. Most kids at eight years old barely raise their eyes from Fortnite or Minecraft so his dedication is impressive.

In the video, Olly is playing Apache and he looks incredibly sweet. He’s dressed simply in a white t-shirt and black baseball cap, with a board beside him explaining who he is and why he’s there. What catches the eye first, though, is that his electric car seems too big for him to hold. Happily, its size does not stop Olly playing with amazing skill once his performance starts. He seems utterly unfazed by the busy street around him or the crowd that starts to grow. He shows real star quality.

He’s obviously made a big splash in his hometown. One commenter on YouTube praised him, saying “I live in Chester and walk through town every day. We are treated to the efforts of many street ‘musicians.’ None I have ever heard have been as good as this little lad. I couldn’t get my hand in my pocket fast enough.”

It seems certain that Olly has an amazing ability that can only grow with time. If you would like to see more from Guitar Olly, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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