Alyona Vargasova A Truly Gifted Guitarist From Russia

There are many talented musicians on YouTube, but every once in a while you find one who is truly gifted. Alyona Vargasova certainly falls into this category. Born in Krasnodar, Russia, she has been uploading YouTube videos of her guitar compositions since 2016.

Alyona uploads her own original compositions as well as covers of well-known classical music pieces. Her version of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has over 1.2 million views. Alyona’s most popular songs, however, are her unique compositions.

Her debut EP, Journey Through the Milky Way, has been viewed 6.2 million times since it was uploaded three years ago. It’s a beautiful piece of music, soft and melodic, and has an almost trancelike quality. As you listen you find yourself floating away into your imagination, when you’re not mesmerised by the skill of Alyona’s playing.

One YouTube commenter summed up both of these qualities perfectly, saying “What an incredible player….never seen anything like it in my 50 years of listening to and watching guitarists……and the music definitely has that quality that transports one to another place”. Alyona’s talent, both as a guitarist and a composer, makes her videos a must-watch for guitar fans and fans of beautiful music.

Alyona’s YouTube channel has 109,000 subscribers, which is a lot for a channel that doesn’t feature pop music. It’s proof that if a person is skilled enough and their music good enough, they can reach people who would not usually listen to their type of music.

Alyona’s compositions reflect her love of the cosmos. All the songs in Journey Through the Milky Way feature a different planet, such as Twinkling Saturn and Faster Than Mercury. In Alyona’s own words, they’re all about her “wanders under the stars.”

The planets have always had the power to fascinate and intrigue us. After all, Gustav Holtz wrote an entire suite named The Planets. Holtz’s composition is impressive but Alyona’s makes a true emotional connection. Her music is so expressive you feel like you’re adrift in the rings of Saturn or gazing at the immensity of Jupiter’s red dot.

Unfortunately, very little of Alyona’s personal information is available online so it’s unknown what her background is if she has a big family or a romantic partner. Alyona seems to prefer to let her music do the talking. As well as her popular YouTube channel, Alyona has released two EPs and an album titled To The Depths Of Orion Spur. The album is available on Spotify and iTunes. Journey Through The Milky Way has been listened to 55,000 times on Spotify.

Although Alyona’s following is relatively modest by YouTube standards she is so talented that it seems certain her popularity will continue to grow. Once you’ve enjoyed Journey Through The Milky Way, you should also listen to Whisper of Distant Stars. Turn the lights off, lie down, and prepare to drift away. If you would like to see more from Alyona Vargasova, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.

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