Olly Murs’ Journey From Normal Bloke To International Superstar

Olly Murs has gone on to be an international superstar. With 7 studio albums and nominations for BRIT and Ivor Novello awards, Olly would be hard to miss for anyone paying attention to the pop industry over the last decade. But where did he begin? Olly Murs’ journey started in 2009 when he decided to audition for the X Factor. He appeared on the show, describing himself as “a normal bloke” who would rather sing for a living than work the office job he did at the time.

He introduced himself to the X Factor judges by sharing his ambition to be an international superstar. Then, he launched into a rendition of ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder. He gave the performance his all, throwing in some dance moves alongside his vocal performance. Olly impressed the judges with his talent, causing Cheryl Cole to mouth “wow” to fellow judge Simon Cowell. The audience was just as impressed, as they cheered and rose to their feet, clapping along to the song.

After Olly’s performance, a grinning Cheryl Cole complimented his singing, telling him, “You’ve got some soul in your voice, haven’t you, Olly?” All of the judges agreed with Cheryl’s positive verdict, and the crowd cheered their agreement. Finally, it came to the vote. It was no surprise when all four judges gave him a ‘yes’ verdict, with Simon Cowell describing it as “the easiest yes” he’d ever given.

Not only did Olly get through to the next round, but he also made it through the next eight rounds to get all the way to the final. For his final performance on The X Factor, Olly performed a cover of the classic 60s hit Twist and Shout, famously performed by the Top Notes, the Isley Brothers, and The Beatles. After the performance, he received a standing ovation from Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell, while Louis Walsh told him, “No matter what happens tonight, you’re going to have a great career in music.”

Of course, we now know just how right Louis was with his comments. Although Olly did not take the crown, with Joe McElderry beating him to the top spot, he has lived up to everyone’s expectations by forging a highly successful music career. With his first album reaching number two in the chart, receiving platinum gold status, and his subsequent four albums reaching number one, he has established himself as a consistent chart-topper in the music business. With his most recent album, Marry Me, released in 2022, reaching number one on the charts, it’s clear that Olly Murs’ music career is continuing to go strong over 10 years since his first appearance on The X Factor.

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