10-Year-Old Olivia Sings “Roar”, Celebrates Life Of Late Best Friend

10-year-old Olivia brought the thunder to The Voice Australia, singing Katy Perry’s “Roar” with a whole lot of swag. She also had a touching story to tell, as singing for her now departed friend Millie was a big part of her journey as a musician.

The Melbourne schoolgirl got quite a few ‘awwws’ from the audience as she hit the stage for her blind audition, which the judges took notice of. Olivia looked at ease on the big stage despite her diminutive frame, and she also packed the big voice required to fill up the room. Olivia’s audition became one of the most popular The Voice Kids videos, gaining 21 million views on YouTube.

Olivia displayed a confident flow in the verse of “Roar” and added just the right attitude to bring across the girl boss energy of the song. She then sang the chorus hook so perfectly and let her voice really fly for the final crescendo, winning over the whole room. Joel and Benji Madden looked impressed right from the start of the audition and by the time of the first chorus, they hit their buzzer. Judges Delta Goodrem and Mel B soon followed suit, giving Olivia a clean sweep for her audition.

At the start of the segment, Olivia explained that she sings for her late friend Millie, who died of cancer. “I raised $65 busking,” she said. “I gave the money to her and she could buy stuff. She was really happy”. Olivia continues to sing for her and also raises money for Millie’s foundation. Later in the season the talented youngster sang “Stop” by the Spice Girls, which you can hear below.

After Olivia’s smash hit audition, the judges weighed in with effusive feedback. Mel B said “You sounded like you were really enjoying yourself up there. I think you have a big personality and a big voice and I loved listening to you.” Joel Madden chimed in next, asking if Katy Perry was one of Olivia’s favourite singers. The youngster confirmed that she was, but said that her “very favourite is Taylor Swift.” She added that she likes them because “they sing happy songs, and I like happy.”

Delta Goodrem was clearly very charmed with Olivia, and enthusiastically declared “I thought you were so good! I thought you were really fun.” The pop star then said her favourite part was when the young singer added a roar like a lion in the chorus, which was indeed a nice little touch.

Mel B then asked if Olivia had any questions, and the audition was about to get even more adorable as she asked the judges if they believe in Santa Claus. Mel B confirmed that of course she believes in the big guy, as did Goodrem. Then the audition came down to the serious business of picking a coach. After some deliberation, Olivia said she was going to go with her heart and picked Goodrem as her coach, which of course the Aussie star was absolutely stoked about.

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