Indian Salsa Dancing Duo Bad Salsa Bring Their Fire To The America’s Got Talent Stage

The focus of today’s article is on the determination of the human spirit, and the lengths people will go to to achieve their dreams and create a better life. When we watch talent shows such as America’s Got Talent and The Voice, it’s easy to forget just how much of a commitment these performers undergo to perform for the masses and take a shot at stardom. Not only that, but to perform on national television for all to see, is an incredible achievement in confidence and determination.

Bad Salsa is an Indian salsa dancing duo who have become well-known on the international entertainment circuit but are true titans of the talent show arena. They have performed in many different talent shows over the years, but one of their most iconic performances is on the fifteenth season of America’s Got Talent, which you can view in the video below. It is safe to say that from their performance, both the America’s Got Talent judges and the audience were in awe of Bad Salsa:

At the time of their America’s Got Talent performance, Sumanth is 20 years old and Sonali is just fifteen, which showcases the incredible talent that this performing pair has. Their performance is electric and incredibly dynamic. They navigate complex salsa dancing with dazzling acrobatics, including Sonali somersaulting and flipping in the air with the aid of Sumanth. This led to an eruption of cheers and a sea of shocked faces from the crowd, who were mesmerized by this talented act.

The audience could be seen dancing along to the rhythmic swing of the salsa music, and the judges were incredibly expressive during the acrobatic sections of the performance. Judge Howie Mandel said: “You use the acronym BAD. You are the opposite of bad, you are surprising, and you are energetic.” That wasn’t the only energetic and surprising performance the duo put out during the competition; their live finale performance was even more extravagant and mesmerizing.

Bad Salsa received global recognition and became a hit thanks to their performance on America’s Got Talent being shared on YouTube, but this is not the duo’s first taste of fame. After training at the Bivash Academy of Dance in Kolkata, Sumanth and Sonali met and began competing together in talent shows; this ultimately led to the duo competing in and winning season 4 of India’s Got Talent, which then led to even more international and national dance competition performances.

Not only did the performing duo compete on the fifteenth season of America’s Got Talent, but they also reached the final of the competition. Despite not winning the competition ultimately, this did not stop them from continuing to perform and ultimately chase their dreams. Both members of Bad Salsa come from families in the farming and railway sectors, and they are an example of how important it is to chase our dreams. Without believing in ourselves and taking risks, we never know what is possible to achieve. If you would like to see more from Bad Salsa, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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