Olivia Rodrigo Carpool Karaoke Stuns Jimmy Kimmel’s Adorable Kids On Drive To School

Olivia Rodrigo made a memorable appearance on Jimmy Kimmel when she appeared as a hitchhiker who made her way into the Kimmel family’s drive to school. Kimmel’s nine-year-old daughter Jane and six-year-old son Billy love to listen to Rodrigo’s music on the way to school, and Jane was flabbergasted when the star herself made an appearance to do some carpool karaoke.

When Kimmel and his wife stopped to pick up Rodrigo, Jane instantly recognized the pop star and mumbled “oh my God” while holding her hands up to her face. The bubbly Rodrigo then jumped in the back seat between Jane and Billy. In a super cute moment, the pop singer engaged Jane in conversation but all the star-struck kid could do for the moment was mumble and hold her hands up to her face. After Jane recovered, it was time for some carpool karaoke!

Kimmel told Rodrigo that the family listens to her songs on the way to school all the time. The singer graciously thanked Kimmel and asked Jane what her favorite tune was. Jane then named “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl,” which is a deep cut from Rodrigo’s 2023 album Guts. Rodrigo told her, “That’s one of my favorites too – that’s so sweet.”

Kimmel’s wife Molly then asked Billy for the family’s favourite Rodrigo song, and the Kimmels must be jamming to Guts nonstop, as he named the third single from the album, “Get Him Back!” The family then jumped into a sing-along of “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl”, with Rodrigo and Jane singing along at full volume like old pals. Rodrigo is a Kimmel favourite, as seen in her smoldering performance of “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl” on the show last year.

Next up, it was young Billy’s turn, and the family sang his favourite song “Get Him Back!”. Billy sang the words but it seemed like Jane was the real musician in the family, as she did a great job keeping up with Rodrigo on the vocal melodies of the hit.

The family is certainly not alone in their love for Rodrigo’s second album, Guts, which she released in September 2023. The album went to number one just about all over North America and Europe, including in the US, where it sold 404,000 units.

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