American Idol 2024 Hopeful Amari Shares Transgender Story Through Song

We all see a little bit of the American Idol contestant’s lives during their audition, but few are as transparent and humble as the incredible Amari, who auditioned on American Idol 2024. Firstly, performing Britney Spears’ “Toxic”, and then “She Used to Be Mine” by Sara Bareilles, she describes her transgender journey and the struggles that she has experienced along the way, before finally learning to express herself without worrying about what other people think of her.

Amari’s performance of “Toxic” certainly piqued the interest of the judges, especially by bringing in the mouth trumpet in a very rare American Idol moment! However, they weren’t completely sold on Amari and knew that there was more within her that she could express through her music. That’s where “She Used to Be Mine” came in, which reminds her of how life used to be or could have been, while also recognizing that she is happier where she is at the moment. Watch below:

“You’re so full of light and joy,” said Katy Perry immediately after Amari’s audition. That’s not the only point of praise that Amari received during her audition; Lionel Richie described her performance of “She Used to Be Mine” as so imperfect, that it became perfect. He explained this was because it was a natural expression of the self, and also true to Amari’s heart. Overall, this audition in its entirety was a very powerful moment likely to tug at the heartstrings, with Amari baring her soul for the world to see.

Sara Bareilles is an incredibly successful American singer-songwriter who has become best known for her introspective, deep songs that emotionally resonate with her huge fanbase. Throughout her career, she has sold over three million albums and won Grammy Awards, alongside collecting nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards and Tony Awards. She is also massively appreciated the world over. Another huge song of hers is “Love Song” from 2007’s Little Voice.

While it’s clear that Amari has some way to go on her musical journey, it’s amazing that the American Idol judges saw the potential within her and wanted to see how far she could go. With the right guidance, confidence can come in aplomb, which could do wonders for both Amari’s musical and personal life!

We wish her all the best on her journey.

To keep up to date with the incredibly talented Amari, be sure to follow her on Instagram. Through her posts, you can continue to follow her journey in the music world and beyond. From her moving performances to her inspiring story, there’s no doubt Amari is a talent to watch.

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