Nutsa Sings For Her Place In The Top 12 On American Idol And Nails It

After Jennifer Hudson performed And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going in the movie Dreamgirls, she nailed it so perfectly that it seemed no one else could ever do it justice. However, American Idol contestant Nutsa was waiting in the wings to step up. Check out this video which has been viewed almost a quarter of a million times in a week.

Auditioning for American Idol must be incredibly nerve-wracking. Each contestant puts their heart, their dream and their talent on the line and opens themselves up to the judges’ critiques and the scrutiny of millions of viewers.

The only thing that could be more nerve-wracking is having to perform for the judges against other contestants to secure your place in the next round.In the video that’s exactly what a talented singer named Nutsa is doing. She made it to the top twenty, but sadly did not receive enough public votes to earn a guaranteed place in the top twelve. She had to sing for her spot, and compete against nine other contestants. All ten of them were competing for just two spots in the next round. It’s hard

Nutsa didn’t just rise to the challenge, she crushed it. Her voice is incredible and she injects so much emotion into her singing. Even though she was singing to save herself she never missed a note and she has such stage presence that you’d think she was singing in her own concert rather than on a talent show. Even if she didn’t receive enough votes to secure her place, YouTube loves her. Her performance has received over a thousand likes a day and the positive comments have come flooding in.

“Absolute PERFECTION!!! What an incredible voice. Nutsa, whatever happens on Idol, you are already a shining star and have a brilliant future ahead! Congratulations on a truly magnificent performance!” said one viewer, and another exclaimed, “YES, GIRL! You’re staying and not going Phenomenal performance!”

Nutsa’s talent isn’t the only thing that sets her apart from other contestants. She is one of the only contestants to reach this stage who is not an American citizen. She’s from Georgia, no not that one! She’s from the city of Tbilisi in the country Georgia, a former part of the USSR, although at the time of the show she was living in Dubai. She flew for seventeen hours to appear on the famous stage.

Unlike many contestants, she does have some professional experience. She competed on The X Factor in Georgia and The Voice in Turkey and sings in a theatre in Dubai. While that’s quite impressive it’s a long way from hitting the big time in America which is why she chose to appear on the show. Her amazing voice, sparkling personality and strong stage presence have made her a favourite with viewers and judges alike. Even if she doesn’t go all the way in American Idol the increased exposure should ensure a successful career in future.

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