Iam Tongi Sings A Stunning Ukulele Rendition Of “What A Wonderful World” And Reaches Top 8

Iam Tongi is fast becoming a star in the music industry due to his exceptional performances on American Idol. He started out with a heart-stirring audition that went viral across the internet. Since then he has built a massive fan base as people start to believe he could be the favorite to win this year’s competition.

Iam Tongi makes the top 8 in this year’s competition with a “wonderful” version of “What A Wonderful World”. The Iam Tongi fan club keeps on steaming ahead as we close in on the final performances. Watch his latest performance below.

Iam Tongi’s previous performance was another beautifully sung cover, this time of “Bring It On Home To Me” a song originally sung by American soul singer Sam Cooke. It’s another brilliant song choice by Iam that got him into the top 10. Being one of the last 10 standing in this year’s competition is already a fantastic achievement, but this man could go all the way. Listen to his soulful performance below.

Every song this man sings feels like a soul-touching spiritual awakening and his song choice has been exceptional so far during this year’s American Idol. Iam has made the last 20 on the show and seems to have built a large following online. His performances are gaining millions of views on YouTube as fans flock to watch his performances over and over again.

Check out Iam’s performance of Abba’s “The Winner Takes It All” which was uploaded to the American Idol’s official YouTube channel on the 24th, of April.

Iam’s vocals are a pleasure to listen to. He put together an emotional and eerie performance of Simon and Garfunkel’s classic song, The Sound of Silence. At just 18 years old, his professionalism and stage presence is a joy to watch, and of course, his beautifully calming vocals. Listen below.

For every act we see on shows like The X Factor or American Idol, there are thousands that we don’t. The judges attend auditions in multiple cities and only a fraction of them are shown on television. When you consider how many artists the judges must have heard you realise that an act would have to be very special to move them tears.

That’s exactly what Iam Tongi did when he appeared on the latest season of American Idol. His audition went viral, and at 10 million views in a month, is the most viewed of the season so far. You need to watch this raw, emotional performance below but make sure you have a hankie before you press play.

The show is still in the auditions phase with thousands of contestants hoping to make it through to the live shows. Iam is no stranger to the heartbreak of not being successful. His dad took him to previous audition but the judges did not put him through. His Dad gave him some tough love after they got home. “He was like ‘Son. I need to talk to you. You need to work on your music.” remembers Iam.

It would be nice to say his father’s words spurred Iam on to his current success but sadly there is more to the tale. Tragically his dad Rodney, who had always been Iam greatest inspiration and cheerleader, passed away a few months before Iam auditioned a second time.
Iam is clearly devastated at his father’s passing and breaks down as he tells the judges, Lionel Ritchie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan about it. They are all clearly moved and offer him a moment to collect himself.

Lionel wisely says, “When you love so deeply, you feel so deeply.” He chose James Blunt’s Monsters as his audition piece as the song as its theme is a man saying goodbye to his dying father.The song is beautiful on its own, but Iam’s grief at the loss of his dad made it gut-wrenching to listen to. When you watch the video of his audition you can see that there’s not a dry eye in the house as sings.

All three of the judges seem on the edge of losing their composure throughout. Luke Bryan is seen wiping his eyes throughout. When the song ends Luke explains that his heart broke watching him. He recently took his nephew in following the death of his dad and he found it so difficult to see that grief and loss on the stage before him. No one could possibly disagree when he said this loss just sucks.

It came as no surprise when Iam got a standing ovation from the judges. When the time came to vote it was a unanimous and resounding yes. In a lovely moment Katy said, “This one’s for Rodney, it’s a yes.” This is an incredible audition so all we can do is wait and see what Iam does in the next round. If you would like to see more from Iam Tongi, you can subscribe to his Spotify or follow him on Instagram.

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