Nightbirde Sings Emotional Song About Cancer Battle

Jane Marczewski A Musical Inspiration


Jane Marczewski also known as “Nightbirde” touched the hearts of millions as she took to the stage to perform in America’s Got Talent in 2021. From the moment this inspirational lady stepped onto the stage, everything about her was completely unique.

Jane spoke about her battle with cancer whilst showing a humbling and refreshing positivity in the face of very difficult health problems. From there she sung an original song that encapsulated her journey through these dark and difficult times. The song is titled “It’s Ok” – it’s a catchy and emotional number, see her performance below.

Nightbirde Drops Out of AGT


Receiving a “Golden Buzzer” means the act advances instantly to the next round. After her sensational golden buzzer winning performance, Nightbirde dropped out of the show saying, “my fight with cancer is demanding all of my energy and attention. Life is so imperfect and there’s so much hard stuff and unfair stuff mixed in, sometimes we don’t recognize that our dreams are happening and miracles are happening. The miracle I wanted – I wish I could skip the pain, that this would go away super fast.”

“There’s 100 different miracles in the fight. If I only take the ones that taste sweet I won’t get any miracles at all. So I’m grateful for whatever I have.” During an episode of the popular talent show, Nightbirde was video streamed into the show where she explained her current situation.

Nightbirde’s Background & Story


Jane started writing music at just 6 years old. Alongside her mother, she composed and performed a Christmas song to her fellow church goers at their rural Ohio church. Things changed when she went to college. After quietly admitting to herself that she “wasn’t good enough” to fit in with the college campus’ church musicians, she found a new style of writing.

“That’s when I started writing music on my own that wasn’t meant to be performed in church.” She went on to release a three song EP called “Lines” in 2012 and later released a 6 song folk EP called “Ocean & Sky” and started to build a fan base for her original music. In 2015 she moved to Nashville and life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer in 2017.

Following treatment for her breast cancer, she was given the all clear and declared cancer free in July 2018. Unfortunately her cancer returned in 2019 when she was given between 3 and 6 months life expectancy. At the time she was married to musician Jeremy Claudio, but the couple separated in 2020.

With a divorce and cancer treatment prevalent in her life, she was again declared cancer free in 2020. Just prior to her appearance on America’s Got Talent, Nightbirde was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer for a 3rd time, this time being given a 2% chance of survival. She gave health updates on CNN.

UPDATE: Nightbirde unfortunately passed away in 2022 after battling with cancer. Her attitude towards the horrible disease was a breath of fresh air after she documented her battle on social media. Her music has touched the hearts of millions around the world and continues to inspire many. If you want to see more from this inspirational young lady follow her on Instagram or on Facebook.

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