6-Year-Old Nathan Bockstahler’s Comedy Routine On America’s Got Talent Will Have You Rolling!

Six-year-old comedian Nathan Bockstahler owned the stage on America’s Got Talent like a veteran funnyman. The kid is the youngest ever comedian to perform on America’s Got Talent, and he had “never performed on a big stage before”. However, as the Carlsbad, California schoolboy explained before hitting the stage, he was quite confident because he had practiced his routine, like a million times.

Nathan’s finest work might just be in his opening comments to the camera, where he said, “I’m six years old, which is practically seven, which is basically eight.” Nathan kicked off his standup routine in a time-honored comedic tradition by riffing on the difference between men and women. He then charmed the audience with his perspective on learning that Mum wasn’t actually his mum’s real name and delivered his lines with impressive comedic timing.

Nathan also showed himself to be quite the improviser. Shortly after learning that the winner of America’s Got Talent takes home $1,000,000, the youngster asked Simon Cowell if he could instead get a million Legos if he won. Nathan’s audition clocked up 39 million views on YouTube, which made his performance the 13th most popular video in the history of America’s Got Talent.

Nathan gave some more hilarious ad-libs while interacting with the judges. Canadian funnyman Howie Mandel asked Nathan about who writes his jokes, to which the schoolboy proudly said he comes up with his own material. Heidi Klum was impressed, saying, “I like you a lot. I think you’re a charmer. You’re so funny, you’re adorable. I love that you come up with your own material – that is fantastic at six years old.” Nathan also brought down the house when he appeared on Little Big Shots.

The judges then took a vote, and gave Nathan four yes votes. The kid also proved himself to be quite the bargainer, as Cowell agreed to his request for getting his winnings in Legos. The judges then predicted big things for Nathan, with Mandel saying, “That kid, if nothing else, will end up with his own television series.”
Nathan made his second appearance on season 11 of America’s Got Talent during the judge cuts, where he riffed on the truth about Santa and spicy foods. However, the judges took a harder line this time around, and he was eliminated following his second performance.

If you want to see more of the hilarious Nathan Bockstahler, the youngest comedian to ever perform on America’s Got Talent, make sure to follow him on his Facebook.

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