5-Year-Old Kung Fu Master Calleigh Tsay Is Too Much For Steve Harvey On Little Big Shots

5-year-old kung fu kid, Calleigh Tsay, showed off her martial arts prowess in a memorable appearance on Little Big Shots. However, Calleigh’s true calling might just be as a comedian, as she ran rings around Steve Harvey when he tried to interview her. Soon she had turned the tables on Harvey and began interviewing him, cracking up the audience. After she quizzed him about his hairdo, Harvey tried to get things back on track by explaining that as a “taekwondo master”, he had to shave his head.

Calleigh wasn’t going to let him off the hot seat just yet, and quickly followed this up with, “Why do you have a beard?” Harvey explained that he in fact has a moustache, and asked if she was interviewing him. Calleigh fired back with “Yes!” in a tone that suggested this was obvious and he needed to get with the program. The 5-year-old was just getting warmed up at this point, and soon came back with, “Do your sisters and brothers have moustaches like you?”

Sensing that the interview segment had clearly gotten out of hand, Harvey then asked to see Calleigh’s martial arts moves. The young martial artist was happy to oblige, bringing out a wooden staff and showing off some impressive moves with it. The pair then engaged in some sparring, and soon Calleigh had Harvey cornered at the side of the stage. The host wisely sat down at this point and asked Calleigh to demonstrate her moves solo.

Next, Calleigh showed off a choreographed routine that had some fierce battle cries and a rapid-fire series of kicks and punches. This impressed the crowd mightily, and they gave up some big cheers for the future kung fu master. Calleigh had one more trick up her sleeve, however, and then finished her display by breaking a piece of wood with one swift kick. Little Big Shots sure knows how to feature some talented martial artists, with another memorable guest being Arroline, the ‘Giggling Assassin’.

Calleigh’s comedy chops and martial arts prowess were a hit with viewers, and her appearance on Little Big Shots clocked up two million views. Fans watching at home were very impressed with the young martial artist, adding comments such as “She is so positive – I love her energy” and “She is such a happy, confident kid.”

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