Heartwarming Moment As Students Surprise Beloved School Campus Police Officer

Heritage High School in Brentwood, California, sure knows how to make a fella feel appreciated, as seen in their huge surprise for their beloved school campus police officer Mitch. With the help of the Dude. Be Nice organization, students planned an elaborate surprise where they turned out en masse to celebrate Officer Mitch, with dancing, singing, and a parade through the campus.

Officer Mitch was truly overwhelmed as the students chanted, “I believe that Mitch is great,” and held speeches to express how much they appreciated what he did. Officer Mitch loves Miami Heat, so they also organized tickets and a signed Heat jersey for him. At this point, he seemed to be holding back tears, and you probably will be too when you see the students put on such a lovely surprise for him. The video is by far the most popular upload on the Dude. Be Nice YouTube channel, with 21 million views.

Officer Mitch is the school resource officer, and student Alyssa said his job is “to make sure everybody’s safe.” Her classmate, Chandler, explained that “People are a little nervous when they see Officer Mitch, but once you have that first conversation with him, you realise that he’s just a really cool dude who really wants what’s best for the community.” Student Julia added that he “really just wants to serve others and be there for students. He puts others before himself.”

Before the surprise, Officer Mitch demonstrated his way with words by dropping this hilarious line: “I promised myself two things when I became a police officer, which were not to be a jerk and never let myself get fat.” Another viral video from the Dude. Be Nice channel featured students from Los Primeros School surprising their beloved custodian.

The surprise for Officer Mitch began with a school staff member pretending there was a crisis involving a video that a student shot at a party. He immediately went to try and comfort the student, who acted like she was distraught. Officer Mitch then realized he was getting pranked when the video in question actually showed students saying how much they appreciated him.

This was enough to make Officer Mitch emotional already, but when the Dude. Be Nice host, Brent, informed him that there was more to come, Mitch put on his sunglasses, probably guessing that he’d be tearing up before too long. He wasn’t wrong as that’s when the dancing, singing and the parade around the school began. It was truly an amazing moment that captured what’s so special about Officer Mitch and the community he serves.

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