Is Mr Methane’s Hit Audition The Most Disgusting Act In Britain’s Got Talent History?

Mr Methane might just be the most unconventional act in the history of Britain’s Got Talent, but that didn’t stop his audition from being a huge hit with fans. The 42-year-old entertainer described himself to Simon Cowell as a “performing flatulist”, but before he could continue, an unimpressed Cowell told him to “just do it”. Mr Methane then informed the audience that he was there to “put the art into fart” and then adopted the “farting position”.

By this point, Cowell and Amanda Holden had seen enough and hit their red buzzers. However, judge Piers Morgan was willing to give Mr. Methane a chance and let the act continue. Mr. Methane then asked the “music maestro” to start “The Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss II, and farted along quite musically to the famous waltz. I have a feeling that the great Austrian composer would have never guessed that his iconic work would be given quite this treatment.

Despite the odious nature of Mr. Methane’s act, his audition was a hit with netizens, and it garnered 64 million views. This hit reception made him one of the elite in Britain’s Got Talent history, as his audition is the 19th most viewed performance on the show’s channel. Despite this mass-market appeal, the flatulent entertainer received a tepid reception from the judges on the night. Cowell cringed as the performance continued, while Holden looked on in open-mouthed shock.

The audience seemed simultaneously horrified and amused, with some cheering while others held their heads in their hands. Morgan was loving it though, and looked on with boyish amusement. The Britain’s Got Talent appearance is not the only time Mr Methane has shared his unique show with the world, as he also made an appearance on Norwegian television that was quite popular with viewers online, as you can see below.

Mr. Methane farted his way through the remainder of the main section of “The Blue Danube”, and once he hit the final brown note, Piers finally hit his red buzzer, sending the performer on his way. The crowd agreed, chanting “Off!” repeatedly, and as Holden held her nose, Cowell told Mr. Methane “You are a unique performer.”

Nonplussed, Mr. Methane thanked the audience and walked offstage. Ant and Dec then shared a laugh with Mr. Methane, and Ant suggested that he “check his shorts on the way out”, to which the performer thanked them and agreed he would. And with that, he walked off the stage, and into internet legend.

If you’re curious about unique acts and enjoy humorous performances, check out Mr Methane on YouTube. Known as a “performing flatulist,” his peculiar talent of farting along to famous waltzes and other pieces of music will certainly catch your interest. Enjoy more of his comedic acts on his Instagram page. Despite mixed reviews from the judges, Mr Methane remains a standout performer from Britain’s Got Talent and continues to entertain audiences online.

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