Mr JJ Drums Hits 9 Million Views With “Pink Floyd – Time (Breathe Reprise)” Performance

Mr JJ Drums, also known as Jeff Janssen, may not be a name you’ve heard of. But with more than 37K subscribers on Youtube, he’s certainly worth checking out.

Since joining in 2010, the American artist has recorded more than 4,500 drum videos and had more than 19 million views! Within this huge collection, you’ll find a good mix of genres, ranging from Rock, Musicals, Pop and even Theme Tunes.

One of JJ’s more popular uploads is a rendition of “Pink Floyd – Time (Breathe Reprise)”. It's been viewed more than 9 million times. And fans were quick to applaud the drummer, with one saying “I’ve heard this track 1000s of times and frankly failed to appreciate the amount of drumming and drum variations involved. A terrific insight and some great drumming there. Thank you”.

Pink Floyd’s “Time” was first released in 1973 as the 4th track on their album, “The Dark Side of the Moon” (which sold more than 45 million copies worldwide). The lyrics were written by Bassist, Roger Waters, whilst the music was credited to all four band members (which was the only song to do so on this album).

Although almost always played together with “Time”, “Breathe (Reprise)” was in fact a separate song. Lasting less than 1 minute, it uses the melody from their song, “Breathe” and bridges “Time” and "The Great Gig in the Sky" together.

JJ has covered several other Pink Floyd songs, including Money (another track on “The Dark Side of the Moon”), “One Of These Days” and “Welcome To The Machine”, as well as an array of other artists.

In his own words, the drummer like to ‘slice and dice’ his most recently played songs and release milestone montages. New videos are uploaded regularly of him playing with his impressive set-up and are met with admiration from fans. One recently commented “Awesome jam JJ. You always make playing the drums easy.”

JJ’s passion for drumming is evident throughout his performances. His energy and enthusiasm are a joy to watch, and an inspiration to our future drummers. If you want to see more from this talented drummer, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel for more great videos..

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