MOZART HEROES A Phenomenal Synergy Of Classic And Rock

By taking the elegant scales of classical music and blending them with the recognisable riffs of rock, a phenomenal synergy known as the MOZART HEROES emerged, changing the history of music.

This Swiss musical duet, comprising of Chris Krebs, who plays the cello, and Phil Seeholzer, who rocks his guitars, first met in 1996 whilst attending the conservatories in Lucerne, Basle and Berlin to study classical music.

Ten years later, the pair created their own company, SOUNDCATERING, which specialised in composing music for film and advertising. But this wasn’t enough for the eager performers. They wanted to be up on stage, in the limelight, which comes as no surprise given the extraordinary talent they both displayed.

And so, in Autumn 2015, the MOZART HEROES were born, releasing their first record in October 2015 entitled “Mozart Heroes”. It consisted of 7 beautifully crafted songs, including “James Bond – Skyfall / Diamonds Are Forever, (written by Adele Adkins, Paul Edworth, John Barry and Monty Norman). And the Game of Thrones main theme track (written by Johann Sebastian Bach and Ramin Djawadi).

Following the great success of their debut, the Heroes went on to release four more albums, including “On Fire – New Edition 2020” – a 12-song reissue of their previous 8-track 2018 version. It featured their own cover of “Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)” – a song originally written by the lead singer of Metalica, James Hetfield, back in 1990.

Fans flocked to Youtube, calling the track “The most beautiful acoustic rendition I’ve heard of this song!” Another said, “The musicians and their instruments become such a union that it is difficult to know where the one begins and the other ends” which has to be the ultimate compliment to any musician.

But their fans aren’t just online. Since 2016, the duet have performed on stages across Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Spain, with sell-out audiences able to rock up close and personally with the musicians.

In October 2021, came the announcement of their music video, “The Unforgiven from Metalica”, which was part of a collaboration, had been selected for the International Film Festival. This was an incredibly proud moment for both the duet and their worldwide supporters who jumped online to celebrate the good news.

Throughout their ventures, the pair have invoked positivity across their social media. With live sessions, rehearsal snippets and shoutouts to fans, it’s humbling to see how kind-hearted and appreciative the pair have remained, referring to their fans at their Mozart Heroes Family.

But after such a euphoric journey, the Heroes decided to quit the band and call it a day. On the 16th of May this year, Chris and Phil reached out to their fans to deliver the news, which was met with praise, well wishes and, understandably, a sadness that it was over.

Or is it? With hints of something new on the horizon, fans are left with hope that the talented musicians will be back with something new and equally exciting in the near future. If you want to see more from these talented musicians you can subscribe them on YouTube or follow their Facebook page.

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