Lanie Gardner Talented Vocalist From Burnsville, North Carolina

Lanie Gardner is a talented singer who has gone viral across social media for her renditions of famous songs. Lanie was born on the 18th of July 1999 in Burnsville, North Carolina. Her father, Rodger, is a businessman, and her mother is named Ashley. Lanie has three siblings; a brother called Austin and two sisters, Aleigha and Brook.

Lanie appears to have gotten her interest in music and being a performer from her grandfather. His dream was also to make music his profession. However, as his name has never been published, it’s unknown if he succeeded. Lanie began singing when she was just four.

She seems to have natural talent and a beautifully melodic voice, but it can’t have hurt that she began to sing at such a young age. By the time she began to share her performances, she had been singing for over a decade. Her gift for music blossomed, and she began to write her own material when she was twelve years old. It’s hard to imagine having that level of creativity at such a young age, but that is what separates a star from the rest of us.

In the past, Laine would have performed gigs in local venues and created demos in the hope of attracting the interest of a record label. Nowadays, talent scouts spend a lot of their time online, and that’s how Lanie was discovered.

Lanie began posting videos of herself singing cover versions of famous songs on TikTok and YouTube in 2016. They did reasonably well, and all have more than half a million views. Her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s soulful hit Dreams brought Lanie to the world’s attention. It was uploaded a year ago and went viral. To date, it has been viewed 43 million times. The song seems to be made for Lanie, and some commenters have pointed out that her voice has a similar quality to Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks.

On the strength of the talent displayed in this performance and her popularity, Kevin Jonas Sr., father of the Jonas Brothers, offered her a management contract with Jonas Group Entertainment. His son Joe, a member of the Jonas Brothers and the group DNCE, was also impressed and helped Lanie get a record deal with Republic Records. Because of her close ties with the band, Lanie was also asked to perform as the opening act for some of the shows on the Jonas Brothers Remember This tour.

It’s not just the Jonas family who recognises Lanie’s talent, though. David Guetta asked her to perform with him and Morten on their rendition of Dreams. It was a huge success and was streamed over a million times on Spotify in the first three days of its release. As well as these notable performances, Lanie has a substantial social media following. Her YouTube channel has 339,000 subscribers and 464,000 followers on TikTok.

Lanie’s life is not just about performing. She is still a young woman, and she attended Middle Tennessee State University to continue her education. It’s not known what her field of study was, but it’s impressive she was able to study while launching her music career. She has also found time for love, and her Instagram account shows many photos of her with a young man named Max Rauch.

He appears to be Lanie’s steady boyfriend, and they seem very happy. Let’s hope both this relationship and Lanie’s music career continue to go from strength to strength. If you want to watch more from Lanie you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Facebook or Instagram. You can also check out her official website here.

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