Milk’n Blues Play An Internet Smashing Mixed Rendition Of “Miss You, The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Another Brick In The Wall”

If you’ve ever sat and thought, “I wish I could find a Brazilian Blues Band who cover my favourite songs”, here they are! With perfectly harmonious sounds and all the charisma you could need, Milk’n Blues bring something special to the music industry.

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The bluesy band from Curitiba, Brazil, got together in December 2011. Friends, Aline Mota and Anne Glober, together with Anne’s guitar teacher and bluesman, Ricardo Maranhão were the first members.

Whilst the trio worked well, they knew they needed more musicians to really pull the band together. And so, Eduardo Machado joined on bass along with Tiago Juk on guitar, Piatan Sfair on the drums and of course, Indiara Sfair, a graduated harp player, who rocked the harmonica.

But the band members aren’t the only blended segment of this group: Several of their songs are beautifully balanced mixed tracks (of well-known artists), such as “Miss You, The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Another Brick in The Wall” – a Stones and Pink Floyd cover.

As with all their music, the song flows seamlessly. And their Youtube fans are left in ore, saying, “Wow! Totally love this! 100% of it! Beat, harmony, bass, vocals, rhythm… And that harmonica? Damn! What an amazing song performed by genuine amazing talent!!”

With over 35m views on this single video, it’s clear to see the mixed genre of music is hitting all the right notes. Playing songs from the 1930s right through to 2014 with a selection of rock, blues and even pop keeps not only the music fresh but the fan base growing.

And let’s not forget about their original material (which, once again, has been greatly received by fans!) Milk’n Blues released their first album in 2015, with ten new tracks composed by the group, including “Is There Anybody There”, their first single. As you’d expect, given their previous work, the album is heavily influenced by Rock, Pop, Blues, Soul and R&B

As well as playing at festivals (their most recent being at the Bierfest in Brusque SC in April this year), live music bars and nightclubs, the band have had their fair share of TV appearances and radio station interviews.

But in 2017, the group dynamics changed as Indiara parted with Milk’n Blues. The band gave a heartfelt farewell (for now at least) to their talented harmonica player on social media, and understandably, fans were upset with her decision to move on. She relocated to Nashville and started playing jam sessions in blues clubs, where she found her audiences very supportive.

In the same year, Zia Leme joined Milk’n Blues on vocals. The Colorado-born singer first saw Milk’n Blues when visiting Brazil with her boyfriend. She was drawn to their energy and engagement with the audience (as well as their awesome music). And this led her to audition and ultimately became a much-loved member of the band.

Whilst many blues bands come and go, Milk’n Blues have made a lasting impression on us all. Their soulful sound reaches out to fans both online and at gigs. And their dedication to the music is heard throughout every song. If you would like to keep up to date with this great band, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on their Facebook page.

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