Michael Bublé Reluctantly Invites 15-Year-Old Fan On Stage To Sing Before Being Blown Away

In a performance in 2010 Bublé was midway through one of his very popular live shows when he was stopped by a woman in the crowd. After a bit of banter between the two of them, Bublé is informed that the woman’s son, Sam, is a great singer and wants to perform like Bublé.

Bublé humours the woman and invites the now very embarrassed Sam up onto the stage…what happened next was quite remarkable! Watch the show in the video below. Please be aware, there is language some viewers may find offensive in the video.

Michael Buble


Michael Bublé has to be one of the most famous jazz singers of our modern era, his silk smooth tones and cheeky personality would surely have seen him as part of the rat pack should have been born at a different time.

Once Sam gets on the stage, Bublé asks his band to play “Feeling Good,” the ultra-hit by Nina Simone. The band starts to play and Bublé kicks off the sing-along with his trademark buttery smooth and suave vocals. After the first line, he hands the microphone to Sam who sings the second line. Bublé is clearly shocked by the amazing vocals that emanate from the 15-year-old and jumps up, almost knocking the teenager over. He proceeds to pick the young lad up with glee and set off into a truly spectacular duet with the young man.

The talent from Sam is clear and without a doubt, his talent will carry him forward as a performer should he choose to pursue his passion. This is a great performance from one of the most loved performers in the world.

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