Metallica Graces Stranger Things Actor Joseph Quinn With Jam Session And Unbelievable Gift

In 2022, Joseph Quinn – who played Eddie Munson in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things – was given the opportunity, and gift, of a lifetime. He got the chance to meet none other than the thrash metal legends Metallica, which must have been an incredible feeling after being invested in a metal-loving character for so long. The band had nothing but praise for Quinn, who did the band justice when the show used their anthem, “Master of Puppets,” in a pivotal moment in the Stranger Things story.

He didn’t just get to meet Metallica; he got to play with them, too. Although he admitted that he was a little rusty, Quinn would have found it incredibly difficult to turn down a jam session with one of the biggest metal acts to ever exist. With drummer Lars Ulrich counting him and the rest of the band in, they played a run-through of “Master of Puppets”, where Quinn proved that he does have what it takes to shred. Watch the whole clip, and a snippet of Metallica performing, in the video below:

As if Joseph Quinn’s excitement couldn’t get any higher, after performing with Metallica, he was about to be given an astounding gift. He was presented with his own custom B.C. Rich guitar, which was strongly similar to the one he used on Stranger Things. Not only that, but the band also signed it and jokingly said that Metallica was from that point on a five-piece! With this clip, Joseph Quinn fulfilled every young metalhead’s dream and was sure to be the envy of millions across the globe.

The use of “Master of Puppets” during Eddie Munson’s Upside Down scene in Stranger Things became a huge talking point for both fans of the show and Metallica themselves. Massive metal anthems aren’t used all that much in television, but they worked perfectly in the context of what was happening in the episode and what followed (no spoilers for those who have not yet watched the show!). The clip, from start to finish, is just as intense as “Master of Puppets” itself; watch below at your peril:

It is without a doubt that Metallica is one of the world’s biggest metal acts. Despite forming in 1981, they pack stadiums and festivals alike with their high-octane stage shows, including 2023’s Download Festival, where they headlined twice in one weekend!

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