Mary Spender Gifted Singer-Songwriter From The UK

Mary Spender is a wonderfully wholesome singer-songwriter from the UK. Spender’s voice is a somewhat sultry affair, like a smooth well-aged whiskey with bluesy overtones and a slight undertone, reminiscent of artists like KT Tunstall.

One of Mary’s most popular videos is this metal cover of Dire Straits’ “Sultans Of Swing”. It’s a very unique version of this classic song which she performs alongside Leo Moracchioli.

Spender also interviews various famous artists, her portfolio studded with some true talents like Santana and KT Tunstall.

Spender has become quite a success over the years, having played on BBC Radio Bristol as well as BBC introducing, and Balcony TV. Spender’s style has allowed her to develop a truly dedicated following on YouTube, the channel pulling in almost 450,000 subscribers. In 2018 she released a video on her channel covering the Aretha Franklin classic “Say A Little Prayer.”

The video features Spender, sporting a beautifully crafted acoustic guitar, playing the minimalist style which, she seems to prefer. Spender’s clear-cut tones and stunning enunciation of the lyrics truly serves her well. Her vocals throughout the piece are light and airy, giving the song an innocent style in the chorus, whilst then dropping into undulating deeper tones throughout the various verses and bridges.

Spender has drawn attention to herself for all the right reasons over recent years, being picked up by Guitar World, GuitarCentre, and Guitar Magazine. It’s really not hard to see why, her vocal skills are matched by her guitar playing skill, often seen playing both electric and acoustic guitar, not to mention the banjo in a fantastic collaboration she did with Leap Frog Studios and Leo Maracchioli in which they performed an epic metal cover of the Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing.”

In another truly amazing cover of “Fast Car” by Tracey Chapman, Spender is seen in a more relaxed sit-down session style, again accompanied by Maracchioli playing rhythm. Spender’s deep bluesy tones are the perfect match to the song, every note is placed to perfection, never a note missed or dropped and the guitar playing as always it to die for.

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Spender has been collaborating heavily over the last few years with some truly inspiring performances, as well as releasing her own music. Her vocal range combined with her deft skill at guitar is something to behold, always able to make a song her own and captivating her audience with her laid bad, no-frills style.

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