Grandpa Magician Mark Lewis FREEZES In Shock Winning Golden Buzzer On Canada’s Got Talent

Almost every TV talent show contestant is ecstatic to get through to the next stage, but 79-year-old magician Mark Lewis defied the common cut. His spectacular, old-school card trick, performed close-up at the judges’ desk, even earned him the group Golden Buzzer, matched with the $25,000 reward unique to Canada’s Got Talent buzzer winners. But even so, this hilarious, adorable cynic simply complained of nearly having a heart attack after being blasted by the golden confetti.

Mark Lewis’ 2024 audition on CGT’s fourth season was packed with surprises, not least his shameless apathy towards winning the show. He’d even emailed the producers before the audition, “Am I going to have to be stuck in a holding room for hours with hundreds of eager contestants? I would regard this possibility with abject horror and you wouldn’t see me near the place.”

Born in Britain, Mark’s native sense of bleak, self-deprecating humour shone, dark and absorbing; a bold turn against the cringe-inducing Americanisms of TV talent. When Howie asked if he was having a good day, Mark replied, “No, not really.” He even said about the grand prize money, “What am I gonna do with a million dollars at my age?! I’ll be dead! What bloody good is that?”, admitting there’s more chance of him getting struck by lightning than winning the show!

For his first magic trick, Mark presented a shuffled deck of cards and asked Judge Kardinal Offishall to name any card off the top of his head. He chose the Ace of Spades, and Mark turned over the first card on the deck, revealing Kardinal’s randomly chosen card.

Next, judge Lilly Singh picked a 6 of Diamonds from the pack, revealing her card to the audience but keeping it hidden from Mark. She put it back into the deck which Mark shuffled before guessing which card was hers. He incorrectly chose the 8 of Hearts and gave it to Lilly. But when she turned the incorrect card over for a second time, it had transformed into her 6 of Diamonds, earning Mark a place in the next round with four out of four Yes votes.

Mark left the stage routinely, but following stirring amongst the producers, Howie called the elderly magician back in a surprise decision to award him the group Golden Buzzer and a $25,000 prize. Despite being frozen in surprise and a dash of confusion, Mark proclaimed “Holy Mother of God” in response, his shocking audition since amassing over 2.6M YouTube views.

Mark has been practicing magic since he was 16 years old. Between his roots in Northern England and life in Ontario, Canada, Mark is a professional magician, hypnotist, and illusionist, dabbling in the psychic arts of palmistry and tarot cards. Over the last handful of decades, he’s become a well-traveled, hirable showman for school kids and adults alike, mixing psychic entertainment with mind-bending card tricks.

If you enjoyed the unique magic and humor of Mike Lewis, why not check out more of his performances and stay updated on his future antics? Connect with him and watch his videos on his YouTube channel or visit his website to learn more about this remarkable talent.

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