You Won’t Believe Your Ears Hearing Marcelito Pomoy Match Celine Dion Note For Note On “The Power Of Love”

It’s no secret Celine Dion possesses one of the greatest voices in popular music, but what you might not know is how Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy can match her note for note. Pomoy is known for his incredible ability to sing in a baritone range right up to the female mezzo-soprano range, and he showed this off to great effect when singing “The Power of Love” on Manila radio station Wish 107.5.

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A viral video, which has attracted 18 million views, juxtaposes Celine Dion’s recording of her US number one hit “The Power of Love” with Pomoy’s version. It’s amazing to hear Pomoy effortlessly match Dion’s soaring vocals. Without seeing the video footage, it would be hard to believe a man could possibly hit all those notes, especially while nailing Dion’s tone and vocal mannerisms.

Fans were in awe of Pomoy’s vocal prowess, adding comments such as “This guy is incredible. He must have a vocal range of 5-6 octaves. Absolutely extraordinary” and “This is just beyond mind-blowing. Marcelito is truly on a whole different level when it comes to his voice and talent. His voice is flawless!”

For a fun game, try hitting play and closing your eyes. Guessing which parts are sung by Dion and which are by Pomoy is genuinely challenging. Pomoy did another amazing session at Wish 107.5, where he sang both Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s parts on “The Prayer”. It’s jaw-dropping to see someone showcase such an enormous vocal range in a single performance while also nailing the style of both parts.

Pomoy has shared his talents with more than just the Manila radio audience, as he won the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent back in 2011. In 2019, he took his talents to the US and competed in America’s Got Talent: The Champions, where he placed fourth overall. He auditioned with “The Prayer” on America’s Got Talent and then showed off his versatility in the second round with the main theme of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Pomoy has released two studio albums with the Philippines label, Star Records, which included songs in both English and Tagalog. He’s also made quite a career for himself on television, making international appearances such as on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as well as appearing on a variety of Filipino television shows.

Listen to the extraordinary vocal talent of Marcelito Pomoy on his YouTube Channel where you can experience his incredible ability to match vocal ranges from baritone to female mezzo-soprano. To connect with Marcelito further, visit his official Facebook Page. Join the community of fans who are in awe of his exceptional talent and range. Experience Marcelito Pomoy’s flawless renditions today!

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