Emilie Cunliffe Steals The Show On Adele “Someone Like You” During Luke Silva’s Street Performance

Emilie Cunliffe absolutely stole the show from busker Luke Silva during their duet on Adele’s “Someone Like You”. Silva, who is a London YouTuber with one million subscribers, invited Cunliffe up to sing during his street performance, and her husky voice just blew everyone away! A large crowd gathered to watch the pair sing, and the duo definitely didn’t disappoint.

Silva sang the opening verses, showing an impressive range when he hit the notes in the Adele number. Cunliffe tackled the third verse and showed off a beautifully expressive voice. The young lady has a voice like honey, and has a warm and sonorous delivery. She took the lead vocal for the majority of the song from that point onward, and the crowd absolutely loved it. The duo hit their stride in the final chorus, singing it together in the same register in a triumphant finale.

Even though it was Silva’s set, all everyone could talk about in the comments was Cunliffe’s amazing voice. Fans heaped enormous praise in the comments such as “She’s an exceptionally beautiful singer. I love her voice!” and “It’s rare that I take a pause to be in awe of someone’s singing performance. Her street performance just oozes natural talent. She outshines Adele’s studio version.”

The video, recorded in October last year, blew up online with 11.5 million views, and is now the most viewed upload on Silva’s channel by a large margin. You might be wondering, as I was, why isn’t Cunliffe a big star? Well, it turns out she has performed at the top level before; at age 16 she sang Zedd’s “Clarity” in a blind audition on The Voice UK.

The 2015 audition video was popular online, gaining one million views on YouTube. However, while the judges seemed close to hitting their buzzers at points, unfortunately, none of them did in the end and she was unable to advance to the next round.

If Cunliffe’s face seems familiar, it’s probably because she’s the daughter of former pop star and longtime Coronation Street actress, Kym Marsh. Cunliffe has continued to be active in the music industry since her time on The Voice, and in December 2023, she released her debut EP, Stories.

Catch more of Emilie Cunliffe’s captivating charm and outstanding vocal ability on her Instagram. Be sure never to miss an update, by following her on Instagram. She’ll continue to serenade you with her beautiful voice and warm deliveries that seem to always steal the show!

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