Luke Chacko Wows Crowd And Idina Menzel With “Let It Go” Performance During Her Tour

It certainly isn’t every day that you get to share the stage with a superstar, but for one young boy, this was about to happen and change his life! Luke Chacko was attending an Idina Menzel concert when he was allowed to sing on stage alongside her, and he absolutely blew both the crowd and Menzel herself away with his performance. A star was born that night.

Idina Menzel was performing a leg of her tour in Dallas, Texas on July 30th, 2017 when she brought forth some of the children from the show to sing along to one of her most recognizable tracks: “Let It Go” from the hit Disney animated film Frozen. With confidence that few would only hope to have as an adult, let alone a child, Luke took to the stage with power and passion, and you can watch the video in full below:

Luke presents himself as a cheeky, fun individual when Menzel quizzes him on the song that is playing in the background before any kind of performance begins. “Do you even know what song this is?”, she says, jokingly. “Let It Go, obviously! What kind of question is that?” Luke replies, which causes a roar of laughter and applause. Even though he says that he is nervous, he still bellows out this Disney classic with grace and professionalism that most would envy.

Despite Menzel’s previously established career in Broadway and music, “Let It Go” is what set her career off on a whole new trajectory, and since then she has become a global phenomenon alongside the song itself. Her career truly began in 1996 when she made her Broadway debut as Maureen Johnson in the classic musical Rent, and since then she has received countless awards and praises the world over. So much so, that she has been nicknamed the “Queen of Broadway”:

Not only does young Luke Chacko settle into his nerves and deliver an excellent performance that shocks both the audience and Menzel herself, but he delivers it with the confidence of a natural-born performer. He has an innate spark of creativity about him and a vocal control that deserves a spotlight role in any musical or talent show that he strives for. What’s more incredible is that it is revealed that Luke is mostly self-taught, and simply has a natural passion for performing.

Not only did this clip go viral, but it got Luke Chacko a lot of attention. So much so, in fact, that he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show shortly after as a result of his new-found viral fame. He was asked to perform “Let It Go” once more for the show, but to his shock, Idina Menzel was waiting backstage to surprise him mid-interview. The young lad is totally starstruck by this surprise, but with the support of the Queen of Broadway, Luke Chacko is sure to go very far in life. If you would like to see more from Luke Chacko, You can visit his official website for more information.

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