Luca Stricagnoli A Multi-Talented Acoustic Guitarist From Italy

If you ever wondered what Mozart would have sounded like if he were a banjo playing bluegrass artist, well then, here is your chance. The exceptional Italian guitarist called Luca Stricagnoli has taken on this 6 stringed banjo and recorded an incredible performance! Watch him in the video below.

About Luca Stricagnoli

Luca is an Italian guitarist who is best known for making popular music videos playing the guitar in complex and sometimes high-intensity performances.

The Italian’s videos are unlike any other acoustic guitar videos you’ll have seen before. He sometimes plays 2 – 5 guitars at the same time by utilising the finger tapping technique. In some of his videos, he plays a guitar that has two necks. This coordination and skill allow Luca to produce multiple melodies including bass and percussion using just his instrument.

Luca was born in Northern Italy in a place called Varese. His unique approach to playing the acoustic guitar has landed him with a YouTube channel with over 50 million views and half a million followers.

Luca’s success in creating viral videos on social media has built him a brilliant platform to expand his music career. He now performs at venues around the world and continues to make sensational music videos for his social media accounts. His talent is really easy to undersell because the complexities he exhibits are quite unimaginable. Using modified capos and his own musical arrangements, Luca truly is a unique musical genius. In the video below, Luca plays a mash-up of Prodigy songs. Prodigy isn’t a band you see covered on the acoustic guitar much, if at all, and certainly not this well.

Shortly after Luca’s initial success online, a well-known record label in the USA began to show interest in the guitarist. He is now signed by CandyRat records, an independent American record label and online music store located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, who have booked him tour dates across the world.

It was with the video below that Luca really started to gain traction in his music career. A hooded Luca performs a cover of ACDC’s Thunderstruck which caught the attention of millions. The video was uploaded by CandyRat Records and has now seen north of 11 million views. Four-time Grammy-nominated musician, Stanley Jordan, said: “Luca Stricagnoli is one of the most exciting new players on the acoustic guitar scene”. Below is another brilliant cover, this time of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.

If you want watch more from this outstanding Italian guitarist, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow his Facebook page.

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