13-Year-Old Luca Brugnoli Sings Beautifully Haunting “Love Theme From The Godfather”

Luca is an Ardingly College student who began his musical journey at eight years old when he joined the world-renowned Libera boys’ choir. After training with the founder, Robert Prizeman, he became the group’s lead soloist and has since performed for thousands internationally. He was the runner-up BBC Young Chorister of the Year in 2022, and the following year he released his debut album, Rise Up.

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The most popular video on Luca’s channel is his live version of “Ave Maria”, which was shot at the semi-finals of the BBC Young Chorister of the Year. However, Luca has recently moved away from the treble/classical genre with his new music – which you can listen to by scrolling to the second video on this page.

13-year-old Sussex singer Luca Brugnoli released a hauntingly beautiful version of “Love Theme from The Godfather”. In the movie, the theme was performed instrumentally, but Luca sings the Italian language version “Parla Piu Piano”. The youngster has an incredible talent for singing, and his voice is as pure as driven snow, sounding like an angel.

The contrast of Luca’s beautiful vocals with the sadness of the theme music creates quite a tension that really draws the ear. The Italian lyrics are a dedication to a great but secret love between a couple, and fittingly Luca released his version of the classic on Valentine’s Day. You can check out the official music video below, which features tasteful black and white footage of Luca, along with a graceful ballet performance from young Sussex dancer Darcey Redman.

Luca commented on his most recent single, saying “I am delighted to be releasing “Parla Piu Piano”. I have worked very hard musically over the past year and look forward to recording more music later this year. We hope to release two albums in 2024.”

So far, young Luca has exclusively recorded with Dominic Ferris, a producer and the Global Ambassador for Steinway & Sons. Ferris commented on what makes the young singer special, saying, “Luca is without doubt one of the finest voices of his age in the UK. His first-rate training under Robert Prizeman has ensured a solid technical foundation, but it is Luca’s innate musicality that makes his interpretations of songs so unique.”

Luca’s release of “Parla Piu Piano” comes ahead of his second album, which is due out in May 2024. The Sussex singer completed 14 master recordings with Ferris while preparing for the release. These range from musical theatre numbers and hits from film soundtracks to contemporary interpretations of pop classics. Ferris, who also wrote two songs for the album, said, “I am excited for Luca to share his work with his followers as this is a very different repertoire to anything he has recorded before.”

That’s not all Luca has on his plate this year, however. The teen will soon be working with Jonathan Antoine, who first gained international attention as a 17-year-old after his viral audition on Britain’s Got Talent with Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer”. Antoine will mentor Luca and share vocal training and professional development tips.

If you are impressed by the singing talent of 13-year-old Sussex singer Luca Brugnoli, feel free to explore more of his performances. Luca’s hauntingly beautiful rendition of “Love Theme from The Godfather” is one of many amazing pieces that highlight his angelic and pure voice. He started his musical journey at a young age and has since flourished into a renowned lead soloist, performing to thousands on international stages. Don’t forget to check out and subscribe to his official YouTube channel to enjoy more of his songs.

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