Loop Connection – Mad, Zaney And Brilliant!

Introducing Loop Connection a very creative guy from Italy! Showing beatboxing, piano, guitar and brass skills, oh and I nearly forgot, some very entertaining facial expressions and video editing. Playing in this video with “Toomuchsax” and “Luca Bosi” they create incredible music.

Playing a mixture of styles in this video with a heavy emphasis on Eastern European flavors these guys never fail to entertain with their high energy performances.

Loop connection was started by Michele Krnjak as a project to answer the question:
“What do you do when you’re the only one showing at a band practice?” the answer, like many other acts have found, is to utilize live looping technology.

Pushing all the instruments to their limits, using extreme creativity in all aspects of their productions and performance the outcome is very entertaining and engaging. All the music is performed and recorded live which is quite impressive considering the full sound that is produced.


Krnjak says the result is “Funk-disco with some kind of Eastern European flavor that sounds distinctly real, hand-crafted.” He also says that he is on a journey to find a “true human groove.” Enjoy guys!

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