7-Year-Old Goes Head To Head With Professional Dancers And Beats Them All

This is a 7-year-old girl from China who is known by her stage name “Lil Mushroom”, and she is a future poppin and lockin superstar.

The young dancer has been competing in competitions against professional adults and leaving them in her dust. But let’s face it, they never stood a chance against this adorable but seriously talented youngster. Watch her take out multiple professional dancers one by one in the video below.

About Lil Mushroom

Ziqi Li, from Beijing, China, is also known as “Lil Mushroom” a dancing prodigy. Her dance style has been defined as the “popping and locking” genre.

Lil Mushroom has caught the attention of millions online in her home country and across the world with her high-energy performances. She was invited to perform on The Ellen Show in the USA where she took an interview with the TV host Ellen Degeneres, via a translator, before performing in front of the live studio audience. Watch her mesmerising performance in the video below.

Kristen Bell, the 37-year-old actress was also on set at the time who later expressed how she was shocked to see how incredible the youngster’s dancing was to watch.

The soon-to-be Beijing super star is definitely a talent to watch, as she grows older she will of course get bigger, but if she is pulling off these moves by 7-years-old, who knows where she’ll be in the next few years!

Learn More About Lil Mushroom And Follow Her Socials

If you want to see more from this very talented young dancer, follow her Instagram account.

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