Hundreds Of Pensioners Get Down In The Oldest Flash Mob In History

Hundreds Of Pensioners Get Down In The Oldest Flash Mob In History

Flash mobs have become a part of life and are a regular feature on social media. However, a group of pensioners from New Zealand have decided flash mobs aren't just for the young. They put on a legendary performance in the capital city, Auckland, despite every member being between 65 and 95 years old. They all hail from the Waiheke Island area, and Billie Jordan, who organised the group, explained that they have plans for more performances in the area.

Anyone who has taken even a beginners level dance class knows how challenging it can be physically, but it also keeps the body supple and active. Billie admits some of the dancers are feeling the toll and might even need wheelchairs and Zimmer frames to allow them to keep participating with the rest of the crew. Billie said: “Instead of glamorous costumes and dance shoes, we need Zimmer frames and wheelchairs.”

These aids make sure that all group members can dance safely without the risk of being knocked over or having a fall. It's a good thing as when the video starts, we see a busy street full of shoppers and commuters. The square fills up in a surprisingly short amount of time, and the dancers begin to perform.

The crowd is obviously delighted by the display, and you can clearly see the broad grins on everyone's faces. Needless to say, the phones come out pretty quickly, so this magical moment can be recorded and shared with the world. The crowd aren't the only ones who are happy. All of the dancers are smiling with joy at the reaction to their dance. Even though they have grey hair, you'd never guess their age to look at them. They move with the passion, skill and grace of people half their age.

When the dance ends, the whole group throws up their arms as a final flourish. The crowd goes wild, cheering and applauding. The energy in the square that day must have been unbelievable. We can only hope that there are more performances to come. Every member of the group pays $1 weekly dues, which covers the hall they practice in and admin costs. They meet to practice every Monday, so let's hope we see more videos soon.

Billie certainly seems up for it. He explains, “A lot of people automatically presume that just because you're a senior citizen you must be old-fashioned, feeble, unemployable, incapable of being independent, and can't learn new things and don't like doing any activity that is supposedly outside of your comfort zone. Our aim is to address those misperceptions and prejudices in a light-hearted and entertaining way.”

That's a sentiment we can certainly all get behind. Learn more about this article and these brilliant older dancer, go to the Lifemark’s official YouTube channel to stay up-to-date with their work.

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